The 28 Day Veggie Challenge

Veggie Piggy

My fellow co – worker/chef Chris Jaskulski – self proclaimed “meataholic” surprised me the other day by saying he was going vegetarian for the month of February. Chris loves meat, especially bacon. . . he makes his own, which is quite delicious by the way. I’m going to help by suggesting some recipes here. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to get Chris access to this blog so he can comment and share. And in a surprising move, I will be going vegetarian for the month too.

The first recipe for the 28 day challenge has been posted. . . click here . . .

Tofu Reuben recipe click here . . .
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13 Responses to “The 28 Day Veggie Challenge”

  1. 4 more days until the madness begins… did some preliminary grocery shopping today. It’s amazing how much cart space an all vegetable shopping spree fills. Plus I made a gallon of veggie stock to get things started right!!

  2. Dude, that is cool!

  3. Wayne D'Arco Says:

    I am considering this “CHALLENGE” this morning. Hmm,February would be an easy month for me to try this since grilling is my speciality and it has been unseasonably COLD!
    Oh damn, I forgot grilled Ribeyes,sitting on top of lightly smoked Portabellas topped with grilled onions tonight. Well maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

  4. Day 1 in the books… Gotta say that I was real hungry all day… Also, it is really good that beer is a vegetable! Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and a nice plate of hummus and naan bread were a good end to a rough first day.

  5. This would probably be a good idea for me since I am in the middle of a weight loss challenge at the gym. I do worry about eating too many carbs, though. Maybe I’ll go “pescetarian,” that way I can still have a big lump of protein on my plate.

  6. 3 Days down and while I am not thrilled, I am satiated. I guess thats a good first step. I tried to love tofu, I really did, but the past few days have been miserable. Fried, sautĂ©ed and grilled and failures all the way… the closest I came to good was the Tofu Reuben recipe that can be found right here, but the truth of the mater is that the sandwich would be better minus the tofu. It is one of my vegetarian goals, maybe the driving force behind this wacky quest, to find that one recipe that can make tofu the star, the unapologetic focal point of the dish. This has not happened yet however. On the up side though, a quick stir fry of rice, green beans, asparagus, tempeh, garlic and ginger has me FULL and HAPPY! Tempeh is GOOD!

  7. PS I am looking forward to Friday, I’m off so time to cook at home!!!! I’m thinking about dusting off an old lamb curry recipe and substituting the dreaded tofu. Historically speaking curry has been used to mask the not-so-greatness of less that fresh meat… this has to work for tofu, right? Plus the recipe is big on carrots and cauliflower, two of my favs!

    Will post if it’s good!

  8. Curry was good last night but tonight’s dinner was spot on! I went Japaneseish tonight… no recipes just free styled dinner… ended up with a very filling miso soup with shitake, scallion, seaweed and soft tofu and jasmine rice with shitake and sesame topped with bean sprouts and scallions. Pair that with a bottle of sake and I’m quite pleased not to have eaten meat!

    Will post recipes for both nights if anyone is interested!

  9. So I did some math and I figured out that at the rate i eat meat, this first week as a vegetarian saved the life of 3 chickens 1/4 of a pig, and 1/10th of a cow. That means (to me anyway) by the end of the month there will be 12 chickens, 1 pig and nearly half of a cow who owe me their lives.

  10. 3 1/2 more days… I’m kinda getting used to the veggies though.
    Romesco sauce f-ing rules too. I think that, if armed with a good Romesco recipe and a good Hummus recipe one could go quite a while without meat. The two have kinda been my bacon and chicken stand ins. Not that either tastes like their latter counterparts, rather they have become my crutches due to their satisfying certain of my needs.

    Hummus; tastes good, fills you up, never gets old because it has infinite variations, not “bad for you.” This IS vegetarian chicken! People please dont buy the Tofu hype, it takes one hell of a recipe to make tofu good. Hummus on the other hand is good. I used to eat chicken in one form or another EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, I dont remember the last day I didnt at least reach for a tortilla chip dipped in some homemade hummus. Funking out some badass Hummus should be your goal in life!

    Romesco; Smoky, sexy, deep, spicy and oh so alluring. You dont need a lot of it to make something else taste so much better. On the other hand, a lot of it is good. It can make something bad turn OK and it can make something really good turn just fabulous. This my friends, and I mean this, has been my Bacon for the past few weeks. The best part of this little love story is that Romesco, just like Hummus, has millions of adaptations. Here is my generic recipe, with variable suggestions.


    Olive oil! have a lot in your house at all times. In this case you will need a little more than 1/4 cup. If you want it thinner use more… it does make a nice pasta or rice dressing.

    Garlic – 4 cloves minced – Play with the recipe as you like, sometimes I use more.

    Roasted bell peppers – 2 – I like to roast my own but no one will judge you if you buy canned. Traditionally made with red, but green and yellow are just as good and can change the look of a dish. Go wild.

    Something spicy – I’ll use 2 jalepenos or a tablespoon of Sriracha – nothing wrong with taking this one nuclear though, 10 habeneros on had? Ok.

    Croutons – 1/2 cup – or just make toast and use that.

    Toasted Almonds – 1/4 Cup – Toasted nuts is the key, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts… its your world, no excuses, make the sauce.


    1) Saute garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil, medium heat, a little light brown is perfect. set a side.

    2) Roasted bell peppers (skinless) in the food processor, puree.

    3) Add garlic (with oil in pan.) Puree, set food processor to ON position.

    4) Add jalepeno

    5) Add croutons

    6) Add Almonds

    7) Add oil – please respect the sauce and drizzle rather than dump.

    8) Salt and pepper to taste.

    9) Some recipes call for tomato component or vinegar component, dowhatchalike but I think it’s better without.

    Put it on everything!

  11. Last day!!!

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