Top 10 Horror Films Of All-Time

Wait a minute, where’s Freddy, Chucky and Dracula ? Well they didn’t quite make this list because the characters in these movies SHOULD scare the hell out of you. If anything make you think “How have things gotten out of hand about our food and water?” These are real true to life adventures in horror, non-fiction scripted evil that will make your skin crawl !

Number 10 – Fast Food Nation – We’ll start you off with one that’s actually a film starring Greg Kinear and based upon the book by Eric Schlosser. It examines the local and global influence of the United States fast food industry.

Number 9 – Gasland – A documentary about the truth about hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” which is used to recover natural gas and oil from rock formations. Watch in HORROR as water from a kitchen tap is lit on fire !

Number 8 – Food Inc. – Oscar nominated doc about how our foods are heavily processed and the effects they have.

Number 7 – The Future Of Food – The movie that started it all for me, asking questions and not liking the answers that were revealed. Jerry Garcia’s wife wrote, produced and directed.

Number 6 – Food Matters – A connection between factory farming and big pharma – you decide. A pill for everything and everyone !

Number 5 – King Corn – Why is corn in everything? Soda, bread and just about everything that’s on your plate – find out why here.

Number 4 – Supersize me – Morgan Spurlocks 30 day McDonald’s only diet and the effects it has on him.

Number 3 – Blue Gold – Will the next war be fought over water?, maybe.

Number 2 – The Cove – Oscar winning documentary that is right on target like The Bourne Identity but only real. A little town with a big secret.  Are we really out of harmony with nature? I think so after watching this.

Number 1 – The Corporation – To truly understand how these horror inspired events have taken place you have to watch this doc. It explains how corporations shuffle executives in and out of our federal agencies to get their agendas approve. And the bottom line is profit over people and environment.

Most of these are available in their entirety on Google video or put them in your cue with Netflix.


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